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The Truth and Love Album has been a long time coming. The first recordings started in the fall of 2016 and the final masters arrived in the fall of 2018. A serious amount of thought and debate has come in how this album would be released. It was finally decided it would be a digital release of the album in Fall of 2019 followed by single releases accompanied with music videos.


Subject: Flour Sack Cape, an independent record label located in East Nashville, announces the release of a new original album by Charlie Hager titled “American Saga”.


The Point: Nashville singer/songwriter Charlie Hager debut original album “American Saga” digitally releases February 26. The first single “These Days” released on January 15 and the video for the single will be releasing in May.


Relevant Information:

The album was created out of songs Charlie felt was not commercially viable near to his heart. All the songs on the album was inspired by events that occurred in this country over the past few years.

  1. Way Down Low- was written after he had worked in a youth facility and witnessed the use of prescription drugs on children to control behavior.

  2. These Days- is just a statement about how we as a nation are quick to judge people before we understand them.

  3. Eyes of Angry Men-after watching an upper middle class couple displaying their disdain for a homeless female on the streets.

  4. We're Burning this World Right On Down-inspired by the events in Baltimore and the ease to overreact in a stress filled situation.

  5. Isn't It Strange?-is how we sometimes don't say they things we should and we miss the opportunity to tell people how we really feel

  6. Sounds of Our Home-inspired by the events at Newtown and coming to the realization that your days have changed and the routine you would have been doing isn't necessary. No baths No homework-The moment when the news is off and you are at home.

  7. What's Your Secret- is a argument between Jesus and a sinner.

  8. Still with Me- inspired by the mudslide that occurred in Osso, Washington.

  9. Here Comes the Flood-a look at the world about climate change.

  10. American Saga-a song that discusses some of the obvious things Americans have a tendency to do.

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